Google Creating Platform for a New Mobile ECONOMY

16 March 2015 How can Google, Samsung or anyone else ever hope to catch Apple? It depends on what they are chasing! My view is that Google has just begun a major transformation to the physical (offline) world with Android as the key enabling “platform” (beyond search to orchestration) for a new business network. This … Continue reading “Google Creating Platform for a New Mobile ECONOMY”

The New Economy: Small Wins

I’m more passionate about this topic than anything I’ve ever written about. As an eternal optimist I don’t see a world dominated by Google, Amazon, Chase and Walmart…. But rather a new economy where millions of small businesses thrive. Where every person can employ their creative talent in collaboration focused on value creation. A world … Continue reading “The New Economy: Small Wins”

Collaboration and the “Sharing Economy”: What does that mean?

5 August As I wrote back in my May blog Internet 3.0 Collaboration in Commerce, Communities and Networks, we are transitioning to a new era of collaboration. The industry buzz word is “sharing economy” but this is a little too altruistic a moniker for my liking.  If an elephant was taken down by 1 million … Continue reading “Collaboration and the “Sharing Economy”: What does that mean?”

Transformation of Commercial Networks: Unlocking $2T in Value

 18 Feb 2016 I’m in a network state of mind…  We are in the midst of a massive economic transformation and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  What influences how consumers and businesses are organized? What is changing? Who creates value? What new domains, networks and markets are being created? Where is margin … Continue reading “Transformation of Commercial Networks: Unlocking $2T in Value”

Last Mile Redesign (Processor-Merchant)

21 Jan 2016 My favorite blog of the year was written by famed UK computer scientist Paul Graham – The Refragmentation. Paul’s blog aligns very well to the work of 2 Nobel prize winners in economics: Oliver Williamson (2009) and his mentor Ronald Coase (1991). Both were focused on the factors governing the “nature of … Continue reading “Last Mile Redesign (Processor-Merchant)”

Changing Economics of Payments

2 Dec 2015 Happy ‘After’ Thanksgiving everyone, I’m coming out of my tryptophan coma and thought I would go for a mental stretch. This is a pretty big topic, and I won’t do it justice. Thanks in advance for your comments and perspective. [Note I’m not naming the titles of my reference blogs and used … Continue reading “Changing Economics of Payments”

Android Pay Now Available

10 Sep 2015 Big news for 50+M Android phones with NFC in the US. Expect to see a very fast international expansion to this as well. Why is this big news? Payments are now in the OS (see blog). This is a PLATFORM not a just a “wallet”. If you compare Android Pay to … Continue reading “Android Pay Now Available”