Internet 3.0: Collaboration in Commerce, Communities and Networks

26 May 15 This is under revision… pardon the typos.. Exec Summary Consumers, Communities, Markets, Technology and Commerce are undergoing tectonic shifts. Over the last 20 years Companies “enabled a channel” in Internet 1.0 and 2.0. Internet 3.0 will bring about fundamental transformation in organizational structures, products and processes. Internet 3.0 (i3) eliminates traditional competitive … Continue reading “Internet 3.0: Collaboration in Commerce, Communities and Networks”

Data Tipping Point.. Good things will happen

Recent issues with Facebook, Equifax, GDPR compliance, … have brought us to a tipping point in data. The basic structure of how data is: permissioned, shared, used, accumulated, analyzed, sold, regulated, … must change. Google and FB operate in a Big Data 1.0 architecture powered by the “virtuous cycle”. Edward Snowden showed us how the … Continue reading “Data Tipping Point.. Good things will happen”

Transformation of Commercial Networks: Unlocking $2T in Value

 18 Feb 2016 I’m in a network state of mind…  We are in the midst of a massive economic transformation and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  What influences how consumers and businesses are organized? What is changing? Who creates value? What new domains, networks and markets are being created? Where is margin … Continue reading “Transformation of Commercial Networks: Unlocking $2T in Value”

Changing Economics of Payments

2 Dec 2015 Happy ‘After’ Thanksgiving everyone, I’m coming out of my tryptophan coma and thought I would go for a mental stretch. This is a pretty big topic, and I won’t do it justice. Thanks in advance for your comments and perspective. [Note I’m not naming the titles of my reference blogs and used … Continue reading “Changing Economics of Payments”

Quick Blog on Apple, P2P and Clusters

12 Nov 2015 Apple/P2P Most of you have seen today’s WSJ today on Apple P2P.  Apple has 4 options here: FIS/Vocalink/Paynet, Mastercard, Visa, ClearxChange/Early Warning. News here is that Apple asked the BANKS for help. Banks responded that they would like for Apple to be first non-bank customer for ClearXChange (the 4 yr old bank owned P2P … Continue reading “Quick Blog on Apple, P2P and Clusters”