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Who Am I? Blessed with many friends and an array of experiences: payments geek, reformed banking exec, solutions architect, software integration specialist (think ERP/CRM), sales head, venture guy, Aerospace Engineer (just wrote the Wikipedia entry on Guidance Systems)….

Why do I do this? We have GOT TO stop falling on the same swords over and over again! Collective learning in payments needs improvement, quite surprising for the world’s second oldest profession. But perhaps lessons aren’t shared in the first either.

I’m just tired of seeing my friends lose money in mobile, payments and advertising. Particularly when  there was a lesson learned (or insight) I had that could benefit others. There are so few formal opportunities for “payment” education… think of this blog as a highly opinionated, somewhat informed, highly biased view of the world.   It’s also a great way to stay in touch w/ all my alumni friends, colleagues,  customers and former employees all around the world. This blog is written to people that know me.. the voice is casual with much attempted humor.  Turns out I have made many new friends because of this.. which makes me want to keep on writing. When it comes to structured thought, I may have been at the end of the line when gifts were being given. Very few friends have accused me of being a linear thinker.  Writing helps bring things together, compile and garbage collect in the old grey virtual machine (65 model).

What it my perspective?

We are all biased by our life experiences. I find it valuable to share thoughts with folks of different backgrounds. The dialog helps me question my assumptions, cut through the fog and “buzz” in the valley, and assess trends/models/companies….  Hard to believe that close 3,000-4,000 people a week read this thing. My perspective is shaped by running 2 of the world’s largest online banks, running a global SWAT and solutions architecture teams for Oracle, running/ investing in Start ups,  working with a few MCX retailers, Top Card Issuers, Regulators, Payment Networks, Mobile Operators and Advertisers/mobile platforms. In short, I know very little about a number of different industries… with deep knowledge of only a very few things. My main asset? I know who to ask when I have questions…


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