Google Wallet Re-Launch

I was a small part of the initial Google Wallet launch in 2011 and have been a hopeful champion for last 11 yrs (20+blogs). I’m a big fan of the strategy here, a much bigger platform/enablement strategy than the previous flex/p2p effort.  

Last week we saw a major relaunch of Google Wallet at Google I/O. See

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Secure Remote Commerce – May 2022

Short Blog. I wanted to follow up on the last point I made in Bank ID Service – What Is It?

Some US Banks are refusing to jump on board SRC. As managers of risk, Banks are reluctant to accept network services which level the playing field in both managing risk and “diluting” their brand.… In some respects Authentify is a response to SRC.

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PIX Brazil – Short Blog

Brazil’s Central Bank is now recognized as the leading innovator. Both in PIX and CDBC launch this year.

Identifying new networks is a must for any investor. The growth rate of network businesses dwarf most other models as each node invests something in joining. Mobile has transformed the time for network effects to reach critical mass – moving from 20 yrs (think debit card and mobile phones) to months. When network effects take hold, Investors see opportunity in both the network core (owner) and the periphery. We also look at how new services will impact existing established players

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eCom Innovation Success – Shop Pay

Short blog as follow up to yesterday’s blog on Acceptance Hurdles in eCommerce. Successful innovation requires a great new customer experience and/or economic model. The most recent success in the US is Shopify’s Shop Pay.

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Acceptance Hurdles

This is a continuation thought from 3 blogs I put together last year: ACH, A2A and Marketing Incentives, Acceptance Part 1 and A2A – Threat to V/MA?  A great part of blogging is getting feedback. While I’m long in the tooth, I’m not the deep expert in every area. Writing blogs usually leads to feedback from the experts. 

Question for today. IF a new payment scheme were developed for eCommerce what are the hurdles to acceptance?

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Role of Identity and Trust in eCom

Please excuse typos.. Editing not complete. I had a great compliment this week: “Tom you write so dense.. why are you so different”? I’m not an analyst or a blogger, but a guy that has run operational businesses and led venture investments. The only great thing I’ve ever done in life is to meet great people with passion and ability to execute on a vision. This blog is how I chat with all my colleagues. Glad others find it useful..

This is a rather long blog.. if you don’t have time read the wrap up at the end which is a summary of key points.


Continuing on from yesterday’s blog on Authentify – Bank ID Service, I thought I would outline the role of identity in eCommerce and the problems to be solved. Although most of you know me as a payments guy, I also have deep roots in data working directly with retailers, AdTech, Google/FB and media (in addition to issuers/acquirers/networks). In looking through eCommerce articles I couldn’t find one relating to identity (from a big picture perspective).. So I thought I would write one.

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Authentify – Bank ID Service

Apologize in advance for typos.. did not proof yet

Press Release

Today’s WSJ Article on Zelle.

Congrats to Early Warning and their participating banks in the Launch of the Authentify wallet! A service 6 yrs in the making and driven by my good friend and former EWS president Eric Woodward.

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China Digital Yuan – Impacts of Weaponizing the USD

A continuation of my blog on Digital Dollar and CBDCs (Mar 2021). Conflict in the Ukraine and the economic sanctions on Russia, central banks and payment systems have created a “weaponization” of the USD. As a result, I see the China’s digital yuan taking off in next 18 months beginning with energy related payments with the middle east. While not impacting consumer payment networks, the shift will substantially impact USD hegemony and ability to impair funds flow of participating markets and geographies.

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