What is Apple doing in “Payments” and Commerce

7 March 2013

Given Apple earns 70% of Mobile Profits435 million iTunes accounts, $137 BILLION in cash, runs the world’s MOST profitable retail stores, has the highest earning consumer demographic with the highest consumer satisfaction scores of any manufacturer, this seems like a good question. Short answer.. I have no idea.. but nonetheless it’s worth guessing.apple demographic

In my view, Apple delivers the numbers above because it cares deeply about product in a way that few other companies have ever demonstrated. Their brand means quality, coolness, reliability, simplicity and elegance, intuitiveness, beauty, prestige, … I could go on. They have spent much time not just on getting something done and making it look good.. but HOW should it be done and making it feel FANTASTIC. This is true when we buy and use their products in the physical world, as well as in the virtual world. In order for them to deliver this experience, they must be in control of the process.. from cradle to grave.  Which is one reason behind their brilliant move of staying away from NFC.. but yet I digress.

My view on Apple is that they will continue down the product road which has led to their dominance. Hence, don’t look for Apple’s to leverage their assets “outside” of their control… look for them to help others create great apl cust satexperiences by inviting them into Apple’s world. My best analogy would be Epcot in Disney World. Disney defined the design and the customer experience.. its engineers even world with Kodak, GM, Exxon to design their pavilions.. Disney supplied the consumers, and the model, .. thus enabling other companies to benefit of Disney’s brilliant consumer formula. This is what Apple will be doing.

I will add a few things to this blog over the next few days.. so stay tuned.

My bet on next version of iPhone? Broadcom’s BCM43341 chip 

Broadcom has launched the industry’s first quad-combo chip. The BCM43341 combines NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio on one chip and, says Broadcom, “offers OEMs unmatched size, power and cost advantages.”

A second new product is a single card solution that pairs a BCM20793 NFC controller as used in the Google Nexus 4 with an 802.11ac (5G) WiFi radio and is aimed at high end mobile phones and devices.

Does that mean the next iPhone will have NFC? yep.. but not in the way we think about it today.

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  1. Any thoughts on the Mastercard’s new fee, aka “Staged Digital Wallet Operator Annual Network Access Fee”? Seems like chess board is repositioning w/payment rails taking offensive… thx.

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