Start Ups in a Downturn: Key Actions

Thought I would share the recommendations I’m making to the companies I advise. To be clear we aren’t in a downturn yet, but you may want to consider some actions today. A start-up is like a small boat on the ocean: the highs are higher and the lows are lower (and you feel it in between). We are in for some rough weather and it’s important to prepare for the storm and particularly new lows that have never been experienced by anyone in your organization. 

Open to your thoughts here. Sorry for typos..

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Acceptance Hurdles

This is a continuation thought from 3 blogs I put together last year: ACH, A2A and Marketing Incentives, Acceptance Part 1 and A2A – Threat to V/MA?  A great part of blogging is getting feedback. While I’m long in the tooth, I’m not the deep expert in every area. Writing blogs usually leads to feedback from the experts. 

Question for today. IF a new payment scheme were developed for eCommerce what are the hurdles to acceptance?

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Authentify – Bank ID Service

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Press Release

Today’s WSJ Article on Zelle.

Congrats to Early Warning and their participating banks in the Launch of the Authentify wallet! A service 6 yrs in the making and driven by my good friend and former EWS president Eric Woodward.

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China Digital Yuan – Impacts of Weaponizing the USD

A continuation of my blog on Digital Dollar and CBDCs (Mar 2021). Conflict in the Ukraine and the economic sanctions on Russia, central banks and payment systems have created a “weaponization” of the USD. As a result, I see the China’s digital yuan taking off in next 18 months beginning with energy related payments with the middle east. While not impacting consumer payment networks, the shift will substantially impact USD hegemony and ability to impair funds flow of participating markets and geographies.

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Fraud, Trust and Real Time

To “defeat” MVP and Amex, in consumer trust, is a very hard undertaking. You not only need to solve a problem they don’t solve, you must also surpass the investments made by every participant in their network(s) with a BETTER economic model.  Good luck with that. 

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Evolution of V/MA – Moving Beyond Card

The Role of Operating Models Standards in Enabling Networks

Today’s blog is part 2 to my 2016 post Transaction Costs and Value Orchestration in Commercial Networks. The “Big Picture” questions I’m trying to answer today are: 

  1. How are bank products impacted by expansion of network services and change in consumer behavior?
  2. How likely is it that there will be an end run around V/MA or a new operating model that competes with them?
  3. Given banks are the creators of the most successful commercial networks, what actions will they likely take?
  4. Is there a new model (ie DeFi or CDBCs) that completely changes how we think about networks and money. 
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Tipping Point for Plastic (Card)?

Will Visa Acceptance Cloud (VAC) be a watershed event that simplifies merchant acceptance and embedding payments into iOT?

Will Visa Acceptance Cloud (VAC) be a watershed event that simplifies merchant acceptance and embedding payments into iOT? Changing the merchant side of the network has been a nightmare for all. VAC enables a radical expansion of merchant network capacity with one big asterisk. (Sorry for Typos)

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