From WSJ: The Top Sleepers

Great Article.. had a good laugh.

Every time I go to France I marvel at the pace of life, whether in Paris, Lyon, Nice, or traveling in Bordeaux.  32 hour work weeks, minimum of 30 days of paid leave…late to bed, late to rise.. time spent eating 135 minutes PER DAY.  How can you spend 2 hours EATING every day!?  It’s no wonder that the French see American’s as always in a hurry… to talk, to eat, to walk, to work…  Its also not surprising to see so few French emigres: as few want to leave, and fewer would want to hire…

But what are we in a hurry for? Seems like we spend 44% of our free time watching the tube…  Sure would be great if we (Americans) could find something useful to do with our free time (community, social, educational).. then perhaps we could realize a quality of life advantage.

Thought for the day… is all time spent in bed by the French considered sleeping? Maybe we should have something to envy…

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  1. I hear it is becoming more acceptable in the US not to be the last one in the office nowadays, but certainly in countries like Korea you’re expected to contribute an additional 30% overtime unpaid per week past your standard hours. Germany has a similar attitude to France, but not quite so extreme. There are many bank holidays, especially in the south, and the vacation time is around 30 days as well, but a 40 hour week remains the standard.

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