Money 2020 – Top 10 insights

From my Twitter Feed yesterday

#1  Year of Collaboration is happening. Examples: Uber and FD, MCX and Chase, Poynt

#2  and are still the best payment investments as network creation is hard

#3 MCX IS ALIVE (a 5yr+ project). Merchants are very well positioned to deliver value, and planning to disintermediate banks

#4 Innovation is in the Long Tail…. (small merchants) with non-banks. , , , , ,

#5 Mobile payments are myth in US and we are introducing more choices, products and chaos.. (MST, ChasePay, QR, EMV, PIN..)

#6 Specialized HW giving way to commodity hardware+SW (Apple Vitrual SIM, over Verifone, Token over SWP SIM)

#7 Customer Centered. Building technology around your current assets is not same as building experience around the consumer

#8 Banks working to create new networks… w/ no clear driver (EarlyWarning buys Clearx, ChasePay, TCH’s Token Authority, )

#9 Human Talent in payment is the top priority of every leader. Want to pick winners? Look at where talent is flowing to

#10 There is no better conference in payments than . Thanks to JW, AA and the whole M2020 team!

4 thoughts on “Money 2020 – Top 10 insights”

  1. Well summarized.

    I would add

    #11 Bio metrics and Block Chain are here to stay and are now main stream
    #12 The FIDO Alliance is moving at speed with Bank and payment based deployments at scale.

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