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Please purchase a subscription if you would like access. Exception for friends I’m connected with on LinkedIn, please send me an email and I will mail you credentials. If you are having difficulties accessing content please clear cache and log in again.

Thanks to all my subscribers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting this together for my friends over the last 15 yrs. Key changes occurring today:

  1. Blog is changing to a subscription model $3/mo or $30/yr plan.  People in my network will still be able to access this for free, however, I still need you to register and create credentials (see below).
  2. This 15yr old blog is undergoing a major technology refresh. Notifications, emails and weekly summaries will be coming soon. The first step is to get a good portion of my 8,000 email subscribers’ new credentials to please register.
  3. I will turn off email notifications for anyone not subscribed beginning in July. My assumption is that if you aren’t subscribed or registered, you no longer wish to receive notifications.
  4. Upon registration, you will be able to turn on/off notifications of blog. Later in the month you will be able to customize notifications for only those topics you select (category or keyword).

Subscription – Paid Registration

Please register through the top menu, or by selecting this link. Note that blog maintenance costs are ~$1,200 a year and I believe this is a fair way to allocate the expense. Note that payment processing is done by Stripe, if you are using Safari Apple Pay is the fastest option. International subscribers will have local scheme options available.

The terms of all subscriptions are above in Legal/Disclaimer above.

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