NFC Tea Leaves

9 February 2010 

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In the last week of December I made an “informed” prediction on a major NFC announcement…. the predicted time has now past.. and… no announcement. This seems to be common place in this space.. NFC presents the best chance for development of a new ecosystem and a new “boom” for small companies… Unfortunately the keys to the “ignition switch” are held by multiple established (read entrenched) overlapping and competing networks (bank, mobile, card, …). Apologize for getting hopes up.. it does look like more of a slow burn than “break out”..

Visa’s mobile apps at CES 2010




All of the activity listed in the previous post has been validated:

– FirstData is acting as a TSM (in vein of Germany’s Giesecke & Devrient)

– Visa does have €200MM planned for NFC (See here)

– Top 3 US bank is planning a major mobile initiative w/ Visa to roll out in early 2Q

– AT&T has TBD initiatives into pre-paid card and pre-paid plans, I do have conflicting information on whether this will be led by AT&T or Apple and time period has extended significantly.



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