“One Click” for Ads

I was hoping to see rollout of a long rumored payment innovation at Facebook. All I can gather is that they must still be in testing.. but the idea is just brilliant.

Facebook has a tremendous advantage over just about every other advertiser.. its consumers log in before use. Facebook is rumored to be in the midst of  integrating payment tokens into advertising. This means when you click on that beautiful North Face Jacket, or those Climbing shoes that the payment instrument (and even the authorization) is integrated. The only thing that the consumer would need to do is confirm shipping address. Wow.. talk about end running the payment specialists.. this is “one click” for ads.

The very idea that there is a “payment specialist” needed between the ad and the seller is going away.. payments are becoming a generic infrastructure services that no one cares about. See Payments in the OS. In this case IDENTITY TRUMPS everything.. if I know who you are.. everything else is just accounting. Someone should go out and write a patent on a similar flow using blockchain.

My guess is that Facebook would be the beta launch for VBV/MSC and the new 3DS 2.0 spec. So not only would this be a great experience, merchants using this would have a liability shift onto the bank and a 20-30bps rate advantage over traditional eCommerce payment acceptance.  (see my blog on Civil War). This flow would hold on both mobile and desktop.

The other implication here is for the banks using TCH token vault.. sure you can vault your own tokens.. but this also means that you must keep up with the fast changing specs in EMVCo and the other users of the specs in MasterPass and Visa Checkout.. doing your own vaulting may mean that consumers can’t do some of this other really cool stuff.

3 thoughts on ““One Click” for Ads”

  1. Great post. I love reading your posts Tom. Always provocative and thoughtful. Please keep it up!

    Looking forward to any thoughts you might have on Android Pay’s announcement of its extension to mobile Chrome. Seems like the extension to desktop Chrome with the phone being used as CP equivalent should be coming shortly.

    1. Great question.. Chrome – Google Wallet – Android Pay – Google Play – Core Ad words.. 5 different product areas that all use payment. The Chrome “wallet” (think autofill) is far more popular than the contactless one. It is also much more key to Google’s success in bringing a consumer from an Search to an Ad to a Checkout page… When Google tokenizes their cards on file and 3DS v2.0 is live.. they will be able to pass the DPAN to the merchant (think like one time use card number), along with some sort of token assurance information. This will run in a different rate tier..

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