Consumer Data Bureau?

The US, Middle East and a few other corners of the world remain the data wild west. Europe’s GDPR brought a global model for privacy that is being replicated in most other geographies. But where is the clearinghouse of permissions? The “one time” access to consumer information based upon online banking credentials has mophed into an “always on” inquiry for unspecified uses. 

Short blog today as opposed to the 9 page monster in identity and attribution Friday.  Today I’m providing my thoughts on what a consumer data bureau would look like.  Summary: Banks have a unique opportunity to create a consumer data bureau and be the key “switch” for regulated and permissioned data. Will they seize it?

Per blog yesterday, everyone has a partial view of you based upon their observations and what you trust them to hold (see Payments and Observer Effect). The more often you interact with a single entity, the more they learn about you. Today Google and Amazon know you much better than your bank. Any unique insights that a bank may have is limited by their ability to take part in that transaction. Thus entities, with the ability to initiate transactions, have the most control (summary of Identity will Define Future of Trust Blog).

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