Mastercard/RIM: MoneySend for Blackberry

The payment flow here is different than other solutions and based upon RIM’s unique PIN messaging service for guaranteed delivery. I like this solution.. alot! This could well be the best “mobile money” solution in the market and will likely be tied to the Typhone MicroSD NFC/MiFare device for POS.

Sept 9, 2010

Press release  – MasterCard launches MoneySend for BlackBerry

Just a quick note.. hope to write more later.

Most interesting is what (or rather who) is not mentioned here: Obopay.  It appears this solution has nothing to do with the folks in California. Having worked first hand with EComm Financial group (now defunct after the unfortunate loss of its founder Juegen Weber) it seems as if MA is investing in organic platforms for mobile. The original proposal that MA brought to RIM had no Obopay involvment at all, today’s announcement is likely a derivative of the original eComm proposal written by EComm and Art Kranzley..  Very good move by both RIM and MA.  This new mobile money platform by MasterCard has bank-bank, card-card,  and and bank to card.  My guess is that Citi is the bank behind some forms of payment.

One challenge for handset manufactures in payment is the “directory” and who owns it. The directory of e-mail, phone to account number.. RIM delivers a “unique” capability for this director in its PIN messaging service (for guaranteed delivery). I like this solution.. ! Not only is it guaranteed delivery, it is secure and global. RIM has a tremendous user demographic, lets see if they can capitalize. Perhaps a near term pilot will be tied to the Tyfone’s MicroSD NFC/MiFare device for payment at the POS.

Great Job MasterCard! Good to see you step away from the Obopay mess.

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