Short Blog – PayPal and Pinterest

PayPal and Pinterest – Super Distraction?

What’s behind this deal?

PayPal needs

    1. Increase users and platform engagement (MAU)
    2. Grow the merchant value proposition
    3. Get into the START of a consumer shopping experience
    4. Enable a new mobile first shopping experience – focused on small merchants – from beginning to end (like Alipay)


    1. “Inspiration to Action” – They are missing the action beyond a ad click.
    2. Stalled user growth
    3. 50%+ Revenue growth with consistent operating loss.
    4. 454M Users with ARPU of $5.08/User vs PayPal’s $21/User
    5. Ad Growth to Action. Advertising business with solid advertising relationships with CPGs and large retailers. However you don’t click to buy from a CPG. 
    6. Needs platform to complete consumer journey.

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