Bank Transformation – Actions for Banks to Succeed in the Storm of Disruption

A Framework for Collaboration – Taking Part in Consumer Journeys

16 Page Blog – 3 Page Exec Summary 

Part 2 of Future of Retail Banking (2023). This blog has been sitting at 60% for 2 months now. Sorry for the delay.  A bull case for V/MA and service expansion.

A storm is brewing that will dwarf the impact the internet (V1/V2) had on established business models. There are multiple transformations occurring simultaneously: AI/ML, Web3, Digital ID, DLT, open mandates, FinTech, Wallets, ….etc. (see Web3 and Small Wins). While large orchestrators and big tech dominate today due to their virtuous cycles, new forces push for the “break up” of Big Tech and centralized data stores to make the internet more democratic and more privacy friendly.

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