A2A, Fed Now and “Instant” Payments – Threat to V/MA? Nope

The economic model in payment is the key to success. This is the V/MA innovation. Parties that own risk must be compensated for it. Successful payment networks revolve around a shared and enforceable definition of roles, standards, counterparties, trust and risk. These attributes and the operating model drive scale and participant investment. Regulatory-driven initiatives like SEPA, and PSD2 (open banking) have failed because of this dynamic.  Continue reading

Payments Training

Starpoint provides advanced sessions focused on understanding the payments environment and the dynamics between banks, networks, retailers and other 3rd parties. We can be used as facilitators in a planning session, or in a lesson format with pre-reads. Example topics … Continue reading

Part 1 – US Payments Environment

Assessing the Environment and Setting the Focus  (part 2  – Power of Bank Networks) © Starpoint LLP, 2022. No part of this site, blog.starpointllp.com, may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the … Continue reading